September Photo Contest!! What does love mean to you? In the spirit of the “Walk for Love” show us what love means to you! Photo inspirations can be anything from a cup of coffee to a child playing outside. For us, love is cutting off Joshua’s cast and embracing him cast free for the first time in 12 weeks. Love is knowing he will… Continue reading September Photo Contest!!


I never did like math. Growing up I avoided it at all cost. In college I thought statistics was fun, and with my career as a nurse I use math to calculate medications and dosages.  However Joshua’s numbers I do not like.  I (like many parents with children who have Progressive Infantile Scoliosis) worry about… Continue reading Numbers


  This year we are thankful for so many things… God’s love and blessings in our life through amazing friends and family and two beautiful healthy children who love singing praises to God together! It was one year ago we had gotten our results of Joshua’s last x-ray through Lehigh Valley Orthopedics recommending us to… Continue reading Thankful